In 1960s the Government of Sri Lanka established its first Resident Diplomatic Mission in the city of Rio de Janeiro, which was the Capital of Brazil at that time. However, the Sri Lankan Diplomatic Mission in Rio de Janeiro was closed down in in 1970 due to financial constraints.

The Government of Sri Lanka on 21st March 2002 formally re-opened its Resident Diplomatic Mission (Embassy) in Brasília, which is the current capital of Brazil, in a leased property located at SHIS QI 09, Conjunto 09, Casa 07, Lago Sul, Brasilia DF, CEP 71.625-090. Since then, the Chancery has relocated in another rented-property located at QD, SHIS QI 13, Conjunto 13, Casa 01, Brasilia –DF, CEP: 71635-130 before it shifted to the current location.

In 2014, the Government of Sri Lanka purchased the current premises of 3-story Chancery building with the size of 735.65 square meters located at an extended plot of land with the size of 1,320 square meters situated at SHIS QI 26, Conjunto 11, Casa 18, Lago Sul, Brasília-DF, Brazil, CEP 71.670-110. The Embassy was ceremonially inaugurated at the current premises on 04th February 2015.