Clearance of Equipment

  • The Department of Customs of Sri Lanka strictly enforces regulations pertaining to the clearance of equipment carried by media personnel. Accordingly, visiting media personnel should possess a temporary import document known as ‘Carnet’ for any equipment carried by them, for customs clearance. In the absence of a ‘Carnet’, a bank guarantee should be submitted to the value of the items. If the visit is sponsored by any state institution, a guarantee letter from the relevant institution ensuring the re-export of the equipment is required.
  • The list of equipment carried by media personnel should be sent to the Public Diplomacy Division of the Foreign Ministry of Sri Lanka through the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Brazil in advance, to facilitate clearance at the Customs at the airport.
  • The list should be accompanied by a letter of undertaking from the relevant media organization that the equipment would be carried out of the country upon the departure of the media personnel.