Human Remains

  • As per the requests from the next-of-kin(NOK), other relative or relatives or pertinent Sri Lankan authority, the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Brasilia, Brazil provides consular assistance to repatriate human remains of Sri Lankan citizens passed away in Brazil or jurisdictions of other countries in South America as per a formal request made by the next-of-kin (NOK) through the Foreign Ministry of Sri Lanka.
  • Accordingly, documents under reference must be submitted to the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Brasilia, Brazil in order to process the repatriation of the human remains to Sri Lanka in coordination with pertinent local and Sri Lankan authorities.
  • Documents required for the repatriation of human remains to Sri Lanka;
    • Letter of request from the next-of-kin of the deceased requesting to repatriate the human remains of the deceased to Sri Lanka and giving consent to the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Brasilia, Brazil to coordinate the process of repatriation of the human remains to Sri Lanka  in consultation with pertinent authorities.
    • Duly authenticated affidavit given by the next-of-kin of the deceased undertaking the responsibility of receiving the human remains in Sri Lanka on arrival.
    • Original Sri Lankan passport of the deceased person
    • In the case of death due to natural causes, the original death certificate or a certified copy of the certificate of registration of the death issued by the hospital/ Medical Practitioner or a registering authority of the place/jurisdiction where the death occurred, stating the full name of the deceased person, nationality, passport or identification number, date and other details of the death.
    • Doctor´s Medical Certificate
    • If death was not due to natural reasons Coroner´s Certificate/Post-mortem Report where applicable stating the cause of death
    • In case of the deceased person was a victim of a violent death or death of a suspicious nature, a document from the Police in whose area or district the death took place stating the nature of the death and granting a release order declaring that there is no police objection to the body being exported.
    • Removal/transit/burial/cremation permit/approval issued from relevant local health or administrative authority under whose jurisdiction the death occurred sanctioning the transportation of the human remains to Sri Lanka.
    • Embalming Certificate from the undertaker describing the process of the embalming and stating that the dead body has been properly embalmed,  packed as per the standard regulations and the casket or outside shipping box contains only the body of the deceased named on the death certificate and burial clothing.
    • No Infection Certificate issued by the local health authority declaring that death was not due to an infectious/quarantinable disease, and the corpse is fee from epidemic exists.
    • Flight details of the corpse to be dispatched and the Airway Bill
  • All charges related to the dispatch of the human remains to Sri Lanka including freight charges, handling charges, embalming, domestic transportation, documentation etc, must be borne either by the next-of-kin  or the employer of the deceased person .

Note: The Local Death Certificate, Doctor´s Medical Certificate/Coroner´s Certificate/Post-mortem Report where applicable, No Infection Certificate, Embalming Certificate and any other related document issued by local authorities should be certified/authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs  of the country in which the documents have been issued and submitted to the Embassy along with their English translation