Life Certificate for Pensioners

  • Sri Lankan pensioners of Sri Lankan nationality who residing in Brazil or other countries in South America who intend to get their Life Certificate certified through the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Brasilia, Brazil could submit following documents to this Embassy in person at the Embassy or sending the Life Certificate which is to be attested by mail when the pensioner is unable to present at the Embassy in person.
  • Required documents
    • Duly filled Life Certificate
    • Valid Sri Lankan passport of the pensioner
    • Certified copy of the National Identification Card of the pensioner
    • Certified copy of the Pension Identification card of the pensioner
  • In case of documents submitted through mail, the Life Certificate must be signed by the pensioner in front of the Sri Lankan Honorary Consul of the respective jurisdiction.
  • Further, the originals of the above mentioned identification documents must be produced to the Sri Lankan Honorary Consul. Accordingly photocopies of the said documents must be duly confirmed as “original seen“ by the Honorary Consul.
  • Upon the receipt of required documents, and necessary verification the Embassy shall certify the Life Certification free of charge. However, it is the responsibility of the applicant to make appropriate arrangements to collect the certified certificate from the Embassy