Sworn Affidavits

  • Sri Lankan citizens living in Brazil and other countries in South America could declare or sign affidavits in front of an authorized officer at the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Brasilia, Brazil who performs as a Justice of the Peace (JP) under the Consular Act of Sri Lanka.
  • The grantor/declarant must be present at the Embassy in person before the designated Officer of the Embassy.
  • The Embassy authenticates only the signature of the grantor/declarant and the Embassy does not bear any responsibility with regard to the contents of the affidavit.
  • Originals of the relevant documents such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, driving license, etc. to substantiate the facts contained in the affidavit must be produced along with the following documents supporting to prove such information.
    • Letter of request by the grantor/declarant explaining the purpose of the intended declaration
    • Duly prepared Affidavit
    • Valid Sri Lankan passport of the declarant
    • Valid permanent resident card/Visa Card of the grantor/declarant
    • Prescribed fees for the Affidavit declaration/attestation