Temporary Travel Documents (TTD)

  • The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Brasília, Brazil processes applications received from respective authorities of the government of Brazil or other countries in South America seeking temporary travel documents in respect of Sri Lankan citizens who are stranded, arrested, and/or convicted in their respective jurisdictions due to various reasons and consequently became a subject for deportation.
  • The Temporary Travel Document (TTD) is a certificate for travel issued to Sri Lankans who return to Sri Lanka without possessing a valid passport and the passage is arranged by the authorities in the host country.
  • Requirements for the issuance of a TTD
    • Official request letter from local authority stating the arrest and details of the deportee.
    • Duly filled TTD Application Form
    • Duly filled Form D (If passport is lost)
    • Clear copy of previous passport
    • Original Birth Certificate
    • Sri Lankan National Identification Card (NIC) or Sri Lankan Driving Licence (DL)
    • Air ticket/temporary travel plan
    • 03 photographs (colour) taken within 1 month (Size: 4.5cmX3.5cm)


  • The TTD is issued for deportation purposes only at the request of local authorities. The Temporary Travel Documents are transmitted directly to the requested authorities and therefore they will not be issued directly to the deportees concerned.
  • The TTD is issued with a one-month validity period, and cannot be extended beyond the date of expiry.
  • When processing the application of a TTD, the Embassy may require interviewing the applicant/deportee concerned through face-to-face interview or distance location via audio or video modes as convenience of the case may be.