Sri Lanka – Brazil Relations

The relations between the two countries reached an important milestone in 2020 as Sri Lanka and Brazil   celebrated their  60 years of establishment of diplomatic relations. In this context, the Government Sri Lanka looks forward  to  widening and deepening the existing friendly relations with Brazil further, with particular emphasis on the political and economic spheres. These friendly ties are poised to be further strengthened in  the years to come.

Based on  the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between the Ministry of External Affairs of Sri Lanka and the Ministry of External Relations of Brazil in 2011, for the establishment of a mechanism for Political Consultations between the two Ministries, arrangements are under way to hold the 1st round of bilateral political consultations between Sri Lanka and Brazil in early March 2021 in Colombo, Sri Lanka at the Additional Secretary-Level.

In order to enhance regular engagements between cooperation between two Foreign Ministries of Sri Lanka and Brazil following initiatives are underway and expected to be finalized in the coming months.

  • MoU on Mutual Cooperation on the Training of Diplomats between the Bandaranaike International Diplomatic Training Institute (BIDTI) of the Foreign Ministry of Sri Lanka and the Rio Branco Institute (IRBr) of the Ministry of External Relations of Brazil.
  • Short-term diplomatic training and Portuguese language training opportunities for Sri Lankan Foreign Service officers in the Brazilian diplomatic academy or an identified Brazilian university with the view to enhance the foreign policy strategies of Brazil and to learn Portuguese language in Brazil.

Sri Lanka and Brazil, in spite of their  distant geographical locations, enjoy longstanding friendly relations based on a common historical links, shared democratic values and a commitment to foster inclusive economic growth for the welfare of the people of both countries.

In modern times, since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Sri Lanka and Brazil in 1960, there has been a steady expansion of bilateral relations in the political, economic and agriculture, scientific and cultural spheres, and people-to-people contacts.

The Ambassador-designate of Sri Lanka to the Federative Republic of Brazil, Musthafa Mohamed Jaffeer present credentials to President Michel Temer at the President’s Planalto Palace in Brasília on 05 September 2018.

Ambassador M.M. Jaffeer presents Letters of Credence to His Excellency Michel Temer, President of the Federative Republic of Brazil at the President´s Planalto Palace, Brasilia, Brazil on 05th September 2018.